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This biography was originally published in A New General Biographical Dictionary. Hugh James Rose. London, 1857. pp. 129-30.

THOMAS MIDDLETON was a dramatic writer in the reigns of Elizabeth, James I, and Charles I. He joined Ben Jonson, Philip Massinger, John Fletcher, and William Rowley in the composition of some dramatic pieces. His own plays are very numerous; three of them, A Mad World, my Masters; The Mayor of Queenborough; and The Roaring Girl, are in Dodsley's Collection. The heroine in the last-mentioned play is a real character -- the notorious Moll Cutpurse, who was introduced by Nathan Field, a contemporary dramatist, in his piece, Amends for Ladies. A play of Middleton's, called The Witch, has gained celebrity from the circumstance that Shakespeare is supposed by some to have borrowed from it his incantations in Macbeth. Middleton was born about 1570, and died in 1627.

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